Trademark Registration

What does Trademark Registration mean?

Trademark registration refers to the process whereby an applicant formally registers a trademark for use in presenting the applicant's goods or services. The United States Patent and Trademark Office oversees the trademark registration process.

The Patent and Trademark Office provides the Trademark Electronic Application System for applicants to use in submitting trademark registrations. The process to register a trademark requires that the applicant provide certain basic information in the application system. This basic information includes the following: the owner of the mark, the type of entity that will use the mark, the address and contact information for the entity, a copy of the mark the applicant is seeking to register, a description of the goods and services the applicant intends to use the mark to represent, the classifications of those goods and services, and if the mark is in use already. The applicant must also remit the required application fee.

It is typically wise to engage an attorney who is experienced in the trademark registration process, to help ensure accurate completion of the registration steps, searching for existing similar trademarks, and other facets of the process.

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