What does Trial mean?

A trial is the court proceeding used to determine if a defendant is innocent or guilty of the charges the state has filed against them. Generally a defendant may request a jury trial or a bench trial. If a bench trial is chosen a judge will hear the evidence for your case and make a legal determination whether you are innocent or guilty. Jury trials allow a jury of twelve people to hear evidence and determine your guilt or innocence. At a criminal trial the defendant is usually represented by a lawyer who will present their case to the court following jury selection. The trial starts with opening statements from each attorney followed by the presentation of evidence. Evidence for the trial can include witness testimony, exhibits, expert testimony and documentation. After both sides have presented their evidence they will talk to the jury one last time and sum up their case with their closing statements.

Finally, the jury will deliberate and determine whether the prosecution or the state has provided enough evidence to find the defendant guilty of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

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