Urine Test

What does Urine Test mean?

Urine tests may be used by law enforcement officers after a drunken driving arrest to detect the presence and level of alcohol or drugs in a driver's system. Urine tests are inexpensive, but they cannot be taken at the site of the DUI arrest. Lab verification is required for accurate urine test results. Consider, however, like all chemical sobriety tests, the urine sample can be affected by the lapse of time between the drinking and the test. Also, because alcohol absorption can be affected by various factors, a positive urine test may not mean the driver was legally intoxicated while they were driving.

Urine tests are generally used to detect the presence of drugs in the body, and urine tests offer a wide range of flexibility in testing for different drugs, such as nicotine and marijuana. It is very hard to challenge the evidence provided by a urine test in court due to its accuracy. Talk to a DUI lawyer if you have been arrested for DUI and your urine tests indicate your BAC is above the legal limit for operating your vehicle.

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