Wet Reckless

What does Wet Reckless mean?

Wet reckless is a reckless driving charge with the consumption of alcohol as a factor. Not all states allow for a wet reckless charge. States which allow a wet reckless charge may allow a driver to plead down to wet reckless instead of pleading guilty to a drunken driving charge. A plea of guilty to a wet reckless charge may also allow the driver to avoid a DUI trial.

Penalties for a wet reckless charge can include fines, penalties, probation, completion of an alcohol treatment program and a license suspension. The wet reckless charge may also appear on the driver's driving record for a number of years, and if the driver is charged with a second DUI, they can expect higher fines and penalties. Drivers charged with a wet reckless will also have higher insurance premiums.

Although pleading to a wet reckless may be an option in some states, it is always good to talk to a DUI lawyer before making any type of plea agreement. A wet reckless conviction will still result in severe penalties and may not be an option in every state after ever DUI arrest.

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