Work Permit

What does Work Permit mean?

Drivers arrested for DUI may, under certain conditions, be allowed to petition for a work permit which allows for driving with restrictions. State laws vary and whether or not a driver is issued a work permit can depend on how many times they have been arrested and convicted of DUI and whether they submitted to a chemical test after the DUI arrest. Talk to a lawyer about your options after your DUI arrest.

Work permits have very strict limitations. For instance, in most states they are used only for going to a place of employment or performing the normal duties of a driver's occupation, going to pick up medication or going to a doctor's appointment, attending classes at a college or other regularly scheduled school in which the driver is enrolled, attending a driver education or treatment program (which is ordered by the court), and travelling to and from the Ignition Interlock Centers. State can also limit the hours, the time and the routes of the driver under the restricted license.

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