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Immigration issues are complex and time consuming. With more strict immigration procedures following September 11, 2001 (9/11), it's more important than ever to have an immigration attorney, working with you on your immigration issues.

An experienced immigration attorney can evaluate your case, and work with you on all necessary visas, immigration issues, and naturalization. Immigration lawyers can also advise you on residency and citizenship requirements following permanent resident status.

If you are already a US citizen and have questions about sponsoring a family member, future spouse, or even an employee into the country as a permanent resident, you need an immigration lawyer helping you with all the paperwork and policies surrounding immigration.

An attorney specializing in immigration can also work with families dealing with INS detainee lawsuits and jailed family members.

Contact an immigration attorney today to have your case evaluated and to have an experienced lawyer explain the regulations and policies which apply to you

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Nativism is defined as a strong preference for the native residents of a country who share ethnic, religious and cultural similarities and a hostile reaction to immigrants.

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What will happen in the marriage fraud interview?

At the fraud interview you will be asked to answer a series of questions to determine the status of your marriage.

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