Malpractice Law

The legal definition of malpractice is the failure of a professional person to provide proper services through gross negligence, ignorance, or criminal intent. Malpractice can also result from misconduct or misuse - especially if the action causes loss or injury to the client.

Malpractice can occur in many fields, including:

If you believe you've been a victim of malpractice, it's vital to speak with a lawyer right away. Many states have a statute of limitations -- a limit the amount of time you have to file a malpractice case. Your malpractice attorney can advise you of your rights under malpractice law.

Malpractice Term of the Day

Primary Care Physician (PCP)

A primary care physician is the doctor responsible for overseeing a patient\'s basic health care as well as focusing on prevention and general wellness

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Signed consent form can I still sue for medical malpractice?
Signing a consent form does not automatically eliminate your right to sue for malpractice.

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