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The Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, is responsible for tax law enforcement and collections in the US. As many as 1 in 4 taxpayers need help when it comes to dealing with paying their federal income tax. Many fall behind and face the ever-growing problems of interest and penalties.

There is help for IRS problems. If you are facing wage garnishment, a Tax Lien, a bank levy, or an audit, there is help. Tax attorneys are professionals trained to assist you in facing and resolving your IRS issues.

Once you have a tax attorney on your side, you have the option to find out if you qualify for an Offer In Compromise or other IRS supported settlement programs. No one should face the IRS alone. IRS debts do not go away, and without help, they only grow.

Local tax attorneys guide you through the government language and filings. If you have IRS issues, talk with a tax lawyer today for options.

Tax Term of the Day

Mortgage Interest

Mortgage interest as defined for tax purposes is interest a taxpayer pays on a home loan. This amount is considered an itemized deduction that can be subtracted from a taxpayer\'s adjusted gross income to determine taxable income.

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Latest Tax Question

Why am I being Audited by the IRS?

There are certain factors that the IRS looks for on a tax return that can lead the IRS to select a given tax return for an audit. The IRS keeps the exact list of those factors and the formulas it uses to evaluate them a secret.

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