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When a wrongful or negligent act is committed, U.S. citizens have a right to file what is known as a civil lawsuit against the guilty party. Whether you were injured by a drunk driver or had a family member harmed at the hands of a nursing home employee, you can file a civil claim against the group or individual at no cost to you upfront. This is the very essence of a personal injury case. This type of claim can also be filed in addition to any criminal charges that may already be in place.

A skilled and experienced nationwide personal injury lawyer can help a family receive the financial compensation they need to make it through a rough time and find the road to recovery. Additionally, lawsuits send powerful and impactful messages that cannot be ignored. Many of our national, state, and local policies, rules, and guidelines change for the better after citizens decide to take legal action into their own hands and seek out personal injury firms like ours.

Bey & Associates, LLC was founded by N. John Bey with one goal in mind: To help Georgia residents and those nationwide who have been injured by the actions or inactions of others. Our personal injury lawyers are equipped to handle a large variety of cases from car accident claims to complex medical malpractice cases, slip and fall accident injuries, and claims for victims of traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries. We fight to help others break the chains of negligence and strive to obtain justice for all our clients.

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