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Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law is a New York City law practice with a focus on asset recovery. Attorney Fred L. Abrams founded the practice in 1990 and since then has represented clients to find hidden assets such as bankruptcy estate assets, marital assets, probate assets and other items and funds that have been secretly transferred. It is the unfortunate truth that certain companies and individuals go to great lengths to hold onto wealth that does not rightfully belong to them, choosing to commit fraud rather than act justly. Located in Manhattan, New York and serving clients across the United States and abroad, the office of Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law is dedicated to finding and recovering hidden assets. Practicing law since 1990, Mr. Abrams has located tens of millions of dollars tucked away in offshore accounts, secret trusts and other hiding spots.

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Fred L. Abrams Attorney at Law
31 West 34 Street
Suite 8133
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-766-7275

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