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The Law Office of Doug Dern, located in Waterford, MI, is dedicated to providing quality legal representation at a reasonable, flat rate to anyone in need. I have been in business for over 13 years, and I have been advocating for the accused drunk driver during that time. I defend those accused of OWI, DUI, and impaired driving throughout the state of Michigan and am committed to making sure those accused of OWI have their Constitutional Rights protected.Revocation of your license can be devastating, but I can help you get on the right track to getting it back. Many times, talking to the hearings’ officers is like talking to a stone wall and they flat out deny the request. You need a lawyer who understands the frustration and who knows how to defend you, mount an attack, and get your license back.

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Law Office of Doug Dern
11636 Highland Rd
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Phone: 810-632-9160

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11636 Highland Rd Ste 107
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