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Based in Beverly Hills, Law Offices of Brandon A. Block has eliminated over $200 Million in alleged debt and recovered millions of dollars in damages. Nearly all of our work has been on a pure contingency basis, meaning our clients have not paid us any money to act as their lawyers. Law Offices of Brandon A. Block is a consumer protection law and civil litigation firm established in 2007 and based in Beverly Hills, California. We maintain a satellite location in San Francisco. The firm primarily concentrates on helping people with unlawful car repossessions, debt collection abuses and debt collection defense. Though specialized, the firm also represents clients in other areas of consumer law, including credit reporting issues, and civil litigation, including contract and employment disputes. We work throughout California, having litigated cases of all sizes in nearly every major state and federal court. We are dedicated to the advancement of consumer rights through the court system, and our commitment is shown by our case results. To date, we have eliminated over $200 million in debt that could not legally be collected from tens of thousands of Californians, and we have ensured the permanent removal of derogatory credit reporting information related to their accounts. We also have been able to return millions of dollars in damages and restitution to our clients. Nearly all of our work has been done on a contingency basis, meaning that these results have been achieved at literally no cost to nearly every one of our clients.

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Law Offices of Brandon A. Block
433 N. Camden Drive
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Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone: 310-887-1440

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