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San Francisco Bay Area personal injury lawyer William E. Weiss has successfully represented plaintiffs in thousands of cases involving nearly every facet of personal injury litigation, including motorcycle and bicycle accidents; automobile, bus and truck accidents; recreational boating accidents; and serious slip and falls. William has particular expertise in cases involving serious fractures, joint injuries requiring surgery, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burn injuries and cases involving significant head and facial trauma. The personal injury law firm of William E. Weiss has successfully recovered millions of dollars for seriously injured victims.

Attorney William Weiss stands up for Californians harmed in other ways as well. William E. Weiss maintains a robust consumer law practice as well as a vigorous civil rights practice defending bikers who have been unlawfully profiled or otherwise had their first amendment rights and other constitutional rights violated. Whether you have been the victim of a negligent a negligent driver, an unscrupulous business, or governmental abuses, William E. Weiss in San Francisco is the lawyer with the experience, skill, knowledge and dedication to fight for your rights under the law.

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