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Nicholas Wooldridge, a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney, has mastered the craft while other attorneys his age haven’t gotten out of the starting gate.

Born and raised in Nevada, Mr. Wooldridge has reached the epitome of quality defense attorneys by finding the sweet spot where compassion is blended with experience and wrapped in technique.

Mr. Wooldridge has represented the gamut of clients. His roster includes tk the Boston Marathon bomber, international cyber criminals and white-collar criminals to local, street-level misdemeanors.

No problem is too large, or too humble, in which Mr. Wooldridge achieves success.

Graduating from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in 2003, with honors, Mr. Wooldridge honed his legal skills in the concrete canyons of Manhattan. Only the best succeed there and Mr. Wooldridge more than succeeded. He made Manhattan, and New York City, his city.

Not just another attorney with knowledge of the arcane rules of law, Mr. Wooldridge established and nurtured key relationships with not only other defense attorneys but prosecutors, district attorneys, and judges. This network allowed Mr. Wooldridge to “work magic” for his clients and remain within both the spirit and the letter of the law.

Opening his Las Vegas firm in 2014, Mr. Wooldridge has replicated his previous degrees of success. Known and respected throughout Nevada, Mr. Wooldridge was admitted to the prestigious “Top 40 Under 40” by National Trial Lawyers Association in 2015

A member of the Nevada State Bar, the U.S. Federal Bar and the New York State Bar, Mr. Wooldridge is also a member in a myriad of professional organizations.

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