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A full service litigation and small business law firm, the attorneys of Reyne Law Group in Orlando, Florida, are known for getting positive results. Led by Angelica Jones, an attorney whose unwavering commitment to integrity has earned her a reputation as a “compassionate ally and aggressive advocate”, we believe in treating our clients’ cases the same as if we were representing a close friend or loved one. We we want to become the law firm that’s there for you in every important phase of your family’s life, whether it’s drafting or reviewing contracts for a new business you are buying, or whether it’s helping you navigate through something potentially life-altering like a DUI, drug trafficking, violating probation, etc. Our firm’s name, Reyne Law Group, is symbolic of our firm’s dedication to guide, protect, and act in the best interest of our clients through each case, contract, and business venture. When you hire our firm, our commitment to you is to advocate zealously and litigate strategically. This means that we fight both offensively and defensively– with a specific objective in mind. The most important job of a litigator is to maintain the ability to adapt to any situation. Let us fight for you!

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Reyne Law Group
5353 Millenia Lakes Blvd
Ste 300
Orlando, FL 32839
Phone: 407-403-5878

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