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Rieff Schramm Kanter & Guttman in Chicago, Illinois has 140 years of combined experience in real estate tax assessment and eminent domain matters. Commercial real estate in a major metropolitan area like Chicago represents a huge investment for landlords, developers and corporations. It’s unlikely you will find a bargain, but a good deal is possible, especially when you get sound legal advice on complex issues that affect commercial, industrial and residential properties. At Rieff Schramm Kanter & Guttman LLC, our attorneys draw on more than 140 years of combined legal experience to help make your real estate holdings more valuable and your transactions more profitable by providing sound advice on tax, eminent domain and condemnation issues.

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Rieff Schramm Kanter & Guttman LLC
100 N LaSalle Dr
23rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: 312-372-2500
Website: www.lowermytaxes.com

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