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Rogers Law Office, in Champaign, Illinois, handles family law and real estate matters. At Rogers Law Office, I have helped clients in the Champaign and Springfield areas since 1996 with obtaining a divorce, pursuing child custody and other family law matters, as well as with various real estate matters. I can use my extensive experience to assist you in achieving your objectives in these practice areas as well. I know from my prior experience that it is very important to be responsive and empathetic to your client, to listen to what he/she needs from you and for you to do your best within the law to get a good result for your client.I will listen and return phone calls and emails and make your case a priority because I knows how important it is to you.

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Rogers Law Office
301 North Neil Street
Suite 400
Champaign, IL 61820
Phone: 217-531-1124

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