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Colette T. Davis obtained her Juris Doctor degree from Southwestern University, School of Law, cum laude, in Los Angeles, California and Bachelors of Arts from California State University, Los Angeles. Ms. Davis is licensed to practice law in North Carolina and California, including the United States District Court in California and North Carolina. During Ms. Davis’ 23 years of practice, she has spent 20 years as an entrepreneur managing a private practice. Ms. Davis’ firm focuses on Probate, Estate Planning, Guardianship and Conservatorship law. The firm handles cases in both California and North Carolina, administering probate estates, advising clients on building and maintaining estates, tailoring estate plans to meet client’s specific needs, while educating client on how to pass wealth and build a future for their loved one. Ms. Davis also works extensively with caregivers and the individuals who find themselves in need of care. While working as an advocate for seniors, disable persons and incapacitated individuals in her private practice, Ms. Davis spent 10 years protecting the financial, personal and civil rights of minors, seniors and disabled individuals in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings through Court appointments.

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