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As a Marietta divorce lawyer, Daryl L. Kidd is an attorney with the right combination of legal intellect and human empathy needed in family law.

It’s a popular misconception that marriages end in divorce. Our experience has taught us that marriages end long before either spouse files for divorce. Viewed in that light, divorce can be a constructive process that fixes problems for individuals and families, allowing them to restructure their lives in a way that’s better suited to their desires and aspirations. For more than three decades, The Law Offices of Daryl L. Kidd, P.C. has brought a keen legal intellect and sincere empathy to the practice of family law. Too often, lawyers in Cobb County approach marriage dissolution with an us-versus-them attitude, which can be destructive for families and individuals looking for a fresh start. Instead, Daryl Kidd works with clients to achieve settlement terms and court orders that prove workable over the long term.

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