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When asked why I chose law as a profession one of my answers has always been that I wanted to help make a positive difference in peoples' lives. I have represented clients that have lived through a lifetime of abuse and control by the other spouse which makes me question why they waited so long before seeking legal advice. A life of physical, financial, and/or psychological abuse should never be tolerated regardless if the abuse is coming from a male, female, or directed toward children. I can help.There are several types of abuse including abuse of elders... sometimes by family members. It may be financial in nature in stealing money from a senior by fraud, misrepresentation, or by taking advantage of their ill health or limited mental ability. This is not only morally wrong, it is a crime. Bullying comes in many forms and oftentimes spills over into division of estate or trust accounts where one family member steals from the others. I can make a difference. In the State of California, as in many other states, we have what is called community property laws, which means, from the date of marriage to date of separation, everything acquired during the marriage belongs to both parties, not just one. Regardless of the title of a property,as in a Deed of Trust,the property belongs to both parties equally. Each spouse's talents, abilities, and skills belong to both spouses equally regardless of the name written on the paycheck. All bank accounts, business accounts, and other property must be equally divided. There are a few exceptions which I can review with you and explain in detail but, generally speaking, they belong to both parties equally

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