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Aaron Marks is an Atlanta personal injury attorney dedicated to helping those who have been killed or injured due to another’s negligence.

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Atlanta Just Became More Dangerous
Atlanta Police announced they are no longer responding to car crashes without injuries.

Port of Savannah Increases Georgia Freight Traffic
Atlantans already know a thing or two about heavy traffic. At Mark’s Law Group, we work to help you stay safe by providing information and safety tips for the road. Recently, we have written about eighteen wheeler fatalities, including risk factors and ways to be safer driving around big trucks.  In this same vein, we…

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Tragedy in Illinois Highlights Risks Associated with NEMT
The tragic murder of an elderly Cook County, IL couple by a man they met when he served as their non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) driver is an extreme example of the risks vulnerable seniors and other medically fragile people face from unscrupulous providers, says Atlanta attorney Aaron Marks, who often represents clients injured during medical…

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Plaintiff should have hired a NEMT attorney!
The family of man who died after his wheelchair tipped over, causing him to strike his head, has lost its appeal in a wrongful death lawsuit against a Biloxi nursing home. The state Court of Appeals on Tuesday upheld a Harrison County circuit judge’s ruling to dismiss the case of Sanders Hopkins Sr.’s heirs against…

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