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The Mitchell Firm by Stephen Mitchell is among the nation’s fastest-growing law firms, representing plaintiffs in every major city. We and our partners litigate, mediate, and arbitrate client disputes, and always prepare for a courtroom battle. When significant money is at stake, or victims’ rights are trampled, we help clients navigate through complexity, get to the heart of the problem, and win.

We are laser-focused on results for our clients. Our nationwide alliances achieve landmark results and drive thousands of other cases to a resolution before they ever hit the courtroom floor. If we can change the life of ONE person, we have made a difference, and our job is complete. Yes, ONE person. We believe in the domino effect, in that one person can change the world. One person, One story, is all it takes to improve the lives of millions, and it is our mission to be the voices for those that have remained silent. We will speak on your behalf, against the largest corporations, as their power is no competition for our lack of fear. At the Mitchell Firm, our team of experienced Mass Tort attorneys, understand how important your story is. We remain dedicated to protecting you and your family until justice is served. You matter. Your story matters.

So, When injuries are sustained from products that are defective or from prescriptions that cause dangerous and sometimes deadly outcomes, we take it personally. The Mitchell Firm has and will continue to help countless of millions of people, just like you, nationwide.

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