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Injured Uber Passengers

Injured Uber and Lyft passenger are, with rare exception, never at fault in the case of a collision. The only exception to this general rule, that I can imagine, is the case of a very drunk Uber passenger that perhaps gets violent with an uber driver causing them to collide with another vehicle or object. Other than that, Uber passengers that are injured in an auto accident cannot be held at fault. The accident may be the fault of the Uber passenger’s Uber driver. Uber drivers must pay attention to the rules of the road like any other driver.

On the other hand, there are certainly plenty of times when the Uber driver has no liability whatsoever. The classic example - if your Uber driver is stopped at a red light and another vehicle causes a read end car accident. There is literally, nothing your uber driver could have done to avoid the collision.

In either circumstance, you will have at least $1,000,000 in car accident insurance coverage. If the car crash was the fault of another vehicle (not an Uber driver), then your Uber injury lawyer would find out how much coverage the at-fault party has. For example, if the at-fault vehicle has a $10,000 bodily injury policy (fairly common in South Florida), then the injured Uber passenger would still be able to take advantage of Uber’s best-in-class underinsured motorists coverage and the injured uber rider would have $10,000 + $1,000,000 = $1,010,000 in total potential coverage (not including a potential extra uninsured motorists coverage that the Uber rider may have in personal coverage).

What if My Uber Driver Causes a Car Accident?

If the Uber driver wasn’t paying attention and causes the accident then your Uber accident lawyer would be able to bring a claim against Uber’s $1 Million Dollar insurance policy and, again, potentially against the Uber rider’s own underinsured motorists policy.

But realistically, very few Uber or Lyft car accidents are catastrophic enough to justify a personal injury settlement or verdict over $1,000,000.

Injured Uber Drivers

Uber drivers are on the road a lot and even the most careful 5-star rated Uber driver won't always be able to avoid a car accident while with an Uber rider or on the way to pick up an Uber passenger. An experienced Uber accident lawyer can help uber drivers who are injured while not at fault in a car crash. Uber provides excellent insurance coverage for their drivers who are on the job, on the way to pick up an uber rider or already en route with an uber passenger.

Anyone Injured by an Uber Car

Like regular drivers, there are good Uber drivers and bad Uber drivers. Uber drivers make mistakes and some uber drivers don’t pay careful attention. For example, I see plenty of uber drivers who place their phone (i.e. google maps) on their armrest when they should have their phone closer to eye level. Placing the phone on the armrest causes the Uber driver to have to look down (and therefore take their eyes off the road) when checking their navigation.

Some Uber drivers text and drive (perhaps with their upcoming fare) and others just otherwise are distracted. I’ve seen an uber driver turn around to talk to me while driving! Of course, anyone can cause an accident.

Luckily, Uber drivers, if on the Uber clock, will have either $50,000 (if looking for fares, but not yet matched with a potential Uber passenger) or $1,000,000 if a match has been made or an uber driver is en route with an uber rider. If an uber driver causes a car accident and you are injured, you are entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages plus pain and suffering.

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