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Not every injury that occurs during medical or dental treatment is the result of violation of the standard of care, but if treatment was not consistent with what is accepted as reasonable and prudent within the profession, and if injury resulted, the treater may be found liable. Some instances of malpractice, on the other hand, do not result in substantial injury even though egregious errors may have been made.

One factor unique to medical and dental malpractice claims is that a medical professional in the field of practice must state that the care in question deviated from the standard. In practice this means that a medical expert, qualified and accepted by the court, must offer specific criticism of the performance of a peer and explain how it caused injury. The opinion of the expert (or experts) can also provide information about or insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence and opposing opinions.

Wallace Wason will help you understand if and how the requirements of the law and the norms of the profession have been violated. We will assess the consequences you experience as a result of the errors or neglect and whether there may be a remedy for the problem a lawyer’s behavior has caused you. Where a remedy does not seem possible or practical, Wallace Wason, PLLC will be on hand to press for compensation for your financial or other loss.

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