Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic Sinusitis 

In this article we will unpack the definition of Chronic Sinusitis, and discover what (if any) benefits for this common disability you may be entitled to. There are so many common disabilities that have the capacity to change the quality of life you experience, as well as alter (however big or small) your daily routine as you know it. 

By definition, Chronic Sinusitis is a disease where your nasal passages and sinuses become inflamed and this infection is long term or ongoing, creating a consistant form of pain and discomfort. This is a common issue within the United States, being ranked as the fifth most common disease that is treated with antibiotics. To give you a visual understanding, your sinuses are found between and directly behind your eyes, at the back of your nasal cavity and on both sides of your nose within your cheeks. Each human body has four pairs of sinuses, making a total of eight sinus cavities. They are lined with a moist, thin layer of mucous membrane tissue that produces a mucous fluid that moistens the air as your breathe it in. When these nasal passages become inflamed the mucous fluid becomes less and creates a very difficult ability to breathe air and forces congestion in your sinus cavities. 

There are multiple signs and symptoms that may surface with Chronic Sinusitis, with a beginning list for your reference below:

  • aching teeth and upper jaw
  • bad breath (Halitosis)
  • reduced taste and smell
  • nausea
  • drainage of thick, greenish or yellow discharge down the throat or from nose
  • irritability or fatigue
  • congestion or nasal obstruction creating difficulty breathing
  • coughing, which may worsen at night
  • sore throat
  • ear pain
  • headache
  • throbbing facial pain
  • tenderness, swelling, and pain around your nose, forehead, eyes or cheeks

It is very likely that should you, or a loved one, be suffering from these symptoms and even have other indications of limitations, that you potentially have the common disability of Chronic Sinusitis. While suffering from a common disability may be categorized as such, a common disability, your specific case and struggles will be completely unique to you. This may also directly impact your ability to work and successfully have a normal daily routine. From the onset of your concern of being impacted by Chronic Sinusitis, it would be in your best interest to retain the services of an experienced and professional lawyer who is well versed in common disabilities, as well as being able to clearly help define your specific case and situation. Generally speaking, the United States Social Security Administration is not known for its sympathy towards those suffering with common disabilities. Ensuring you have a detailed and outlined medical file will be your primary key to ensuring the best possible outcome for receiving benefits. You will need to have medical validation that your ability to work is severely hindered, and you will also need to qualify for Social Security based upon the number of quarters you have effectively worked. It is always best to have confidence in your process, and the unknowns to be seen and understood before they become obstacles. By retaining the services of your attorney, this process is sure to become both manageable and successful.

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