Can I be a high school teacher and have a DUI?

Can I be a High School Teacher and have a DUI?

Just because you have a DUI or DWI charge on your background does not mean you will automatically be disqualified when applying to be a teacher. However, it is important to note that each state, department, school board, and agency does have the right to set their own perameters for hiring their staff by law. In this article, we will unpack what it looks like to apply as a teacher and have DUI charges, and what impact (if any) this may hold for you.

What if my DUI/DWI  was a long time ago?

Unlike in the past, backgroud checks are a routine step in the hiring process of nearly everyone for every job, with few exceptions. When working with children of any age, it is almost unheard of to not have a background check run on a consistant routine. The safety and well being of children are of the utmost concern for all establishments, and teachers are held to very high standards in both seeking and retaining their employment. Each DUI/DWI case is specific and unique in nature to the subject envolved, which makes it nearly impossible to say how navigating the process of employment with each person will go. There is a guarantee, in that having a DUI for alcohol will make a very different case than a DUI for drugs. Whether you are currently employed or seeking employment as a teacher with a DUI you can be assured that the process will be much more severe, no matter when your charges were given in reference to the time of your application or employment. Background checks are detailed, and are current with charges placed against you. It is higly unlikely you will be able to hide this information from your employer or potential employer, no matter how hard you may try. Making sure you follow all the instructions included in your charges will go much better for you and will show your credibility in being able to follow through with your process. The Board of Education within each State of the United States is specific for their unique districts, and has written their own policies for certification of their staff. It is completely up to their discretion to determine if you are capable of meeting their criteria and will represent them as they determine necessary to secure employment. You would be wise to know and understand your State's and district's policies for employment and retention in reference to DUI/DWI. This will give you a more clear understanding of their expectations. 


If you are seriously seeking a career in being a teacher, then it is in your best interest to do every single thing in your power to aviod being convicted of a DUI/DWI and hire an experienced and professional lawyer. One who is well versed in DUI law and is capable of not only helping you understand your specific circumstance, but equally your options within the State lines you reside in and are applying within. They will be your best asset in successfully navigating your particular and unique process, as well as having endless resources at their disposal in assisting you with the most favorable outcome possible.

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