Do I really need an immigration lawyer?

Many immigrants will not need to hire an immigration lawyer. For instance, you may not need a lawyer if you have a clear case. For instance, if you do not have a criminal record, you are able to complete your own paperwork and you are eligible for immigration, you may be more than capable of completing the process on your own without legal help.

So when do you need to hire an immigration lawyer? There are three main reasons: you are facing an immigration deportation court appearance, you are considered inadmissible, or you are unable to complete the paperwork on your own. Let’s take a closer look at each reason you may need to hire an immigration lawyer.

Scheduled for an immigration court proceeding

If you have been scheduled for a deportation proceeding it’s time to talk to an immigration lawyer. There are several ways to fight against removal including cancellation of removal, requesting asylum or withholding of removal. Under some conditions, it may also be beneficial for you to agree to voluntarily depart the country. Talk to a lawyer for more information.

USCIS claims you are not admissible

There are several reasons the USCIS may claim you do not have the right to come to or stay in the United States and there are many reasons you could be deported. If you have committed any type of crime and are attempting to come to the United States or the U.S. government is threatening to deport you, it is time to talk to an immigration lawyer.

You cannot complete any of the paperwork on your own

It is not uncommon for immigration applicants or someone attempting to work with the Federal Government to feel overwhelmed by the process. It’s tiring, complicated and cumbersome. For this reason, it’s not unusual for many U.S. immigrates to request legal assistance to help complete applications which require detailed information and have complex instructions. Hiring a lawyer may eliminate the chances that your application could be returned, delayed or rejected by immigration.

The Immigration Office has not reviewed your application

Some immigrants hire immigration lawyers just to help them push through the bureaucratic complexity of the Federal Government. If you have been working with a consulate or USCIS and cannot get them to approve your application or review your paperwork, it may be time to talk to an immigration lawyer.

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