Does credit score affect adopting of a child?

Will my credit score directly affect me in adopting a child?

Making the decision to adopt a child is extremely empowering, and full of many dimensions. One of those dimensions being a financial obligation. If you are serious about adoption, and you are fairly certain that your credit score and debt are not in good standing (or maybe you simply have no idea where you stand and what the adoption agency will be looking for), there are some things you need to be prepared for and ready to expalin when it comes to unpacking the details of adoption. 

What kind of assessment will be made with respect to adoption and my credit score?

As a general rule, your credit will be run when you apply for the adoption process in refrence to a domestic adoption. The most important thing they are looking for is if you can provide properly for all the children in your home. On an average, this means you should look at having at least three month's of income saved to show stability. If your credit is not good, and your debt is high, most likely you will not be able to have these three month's of savings on hand. Now, if you are seeking an international adoption or one surrounding special needs, these rules will have additional requirements attached. To adopt any child, the process is always so much more than paperwork and documentation. They are looking for stability, how your home life is, as well as your ability to guarantee safety and basic needs being provided. Not everything is money, although financial provision keeps everything moving forward. In addition to your credit score being processed for adoption qualification, your background will be checked and your family assessed (often referred to as a "home study"). These will all help to confirm if you are able to meet the basic needs of raising a child. 

Will my credit score be a requirement for adoption?

Not all adoption agencies will require you to have your credit run, but they will require provision being made for a certain specified amount based upon their particular requirements. Each State and agency will have their own rules, and knowing those will be key in assisting you the most successfully as you proceed with the adoption process. Many will not even require you to have a minimum amount of income a month to qualify, though they will use fingerprints, refrences, and right of residency. As a general rule, people will pass a satisfactory home study, but the complications come in when the criminal background is run. This does not mean that all criminal records will sink your ability to adopt. For instance, misdemeanors and some non-violent felonies would not necessarily prevent you from adopting. 


It is safe to say that one should not fear the adoption process if their credit score is not the best, as it does not contain the power to make or break your adoption capacity. The only time a credit score will play a part in your adoption process is if you need to apply for a loan to complete your adoption. A good credit score will affect your chances of getting an adoption loan, so be sure to seek out not only banks but also credit unions that offer adoption loans and may be more inclined to work with you in adopting with a difficult credit score. Adopting a child is an investment in more ways than one, and it is good to assess how prepared you are for the responsibility, including financially. It does not require you having a good credit score to be a good parent, but it does take consistancy, time, and dedication. These most important things cannot be summed up by any three-digit number. 

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