Why you should use a disability attorney

There are millions of disability applicants each year. The SSA denies up to 70% of first time disability applications. Although a certain amount of those claims are denied because the claimant does not meet the basic requirements for SSDI benefits, some claimants have valid claims but are denied simply because they do not understand the requirements to prove they are disabled or they fail to make a convincing argument they are unable to work.

If you are considering filing for Social Security Disability benefits you may have decided to try and file and fight for benefits on your own. Although this strategy will work fine for many claimants who have a condition which is listed on the SSA Listing of Impairments or the Compassionate Allowance list, other claimants will have difficulty winning benefits the first time they apply.

What can a disability lawyer do for me?

A disability lawyer is only paid if they win your case. If they win they are paid a specific amount of your back pay up to a predetermined limit. They are not paid if you do not win. Hiring a lawyer will generally improve your chances of winning benefits at every stage of the disability process. So what can a disability lawyer do for you?

  1. They can answer questions and help you understand the requirements for winning SSDI.
  2. They can give you information to improve your initial disability application.
  3. They can file all appeals for your claim, starting with the first appeal, which is a reconsideration in most states.
  4. They can argue your case in front of the administrative law judge.
  5. They can outline specific reasons you cannot work for at least 12 continuous months and why you cannot retrain for new work.

Can I hire a disability lawyer after I am denied benefits?

Disability lawyers can help at every stage of the disability application and appeal's process, but many claimants do not hire the lawyer until they have been denied benefits. If you choose to wait until your application is denied to hire a lawyer, you will need to talk to a lawyer immediately. You only have 60 days from the denial letter to file your appeal.

If you wait until a week until your appeal deadline, you will need to file the appeal on your own. Disability lawyers need ample time, which can be as long as three weeks, to review your case and file appeals. Do not wait until the last minute.

What if a disability lawyer will not take my case?

Some disability applicants are denied several times and then decide to hire a lawyer only to find they cannot find a lawyer willing to take their case. Because disability lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, if no lawyer is willing to take your case, it could mean they do not believe they can win your case. Some lawyers will also refuse a case if the claimant has not seen a doctor. If you have questions about your case talk to a disability lawyer. If they refuse to help, find out why and work to improve your case.

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