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For more than 33 years, the Law Office of Dolores J. Varga, now Varga Law Offices, has proudly served families in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, helping with their family law needs. We have narrowed our practice to the area of family law because we believe that families are the building blocks of our society. At a time when turmoil and unpleasantness are paramount in clients’ lives, we try to provide a calming influence so that issues can be dealt with swiftly and fairly.

As a Media, PA family law and divorce law firm, we handle many legal issues that have intensely personal consequences, such as:

Divorce: Pennsylvania provides both fault-based and no-fault divorces. Our law firm can help you proceed in the most efficient manner.

Collaborative Law: If the parties in a divorce can agree to a collaborative divorce, a settlement is mediated and there is no need to go to court.

Separation: While Pennsylvania does not officially recognize separation, it is used for particular purposes such as property settlement.

Child custody: Physical child custody determines the parent with whom your children live. The legal custodial parent typically has sole decision-making powers regarding the children’s healthcare, education and religious instruction; however it is quite rare for one parent to have sole legal custody. Generally legal custody is joint, or shared by both parents.

Child support: Child support payments are awarded to the primary physical custodial parent. We are dedicated to ensuring that the statutory support guidelines are accurately calculated.

At our firm, the best interests of your family are our top priority. Trust us to guide you through the divorce process and any related matters.

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