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Fighting against a criminal charge is a terrifying experience and it is only made more frightening when the charges against you are of an extreme nature. There are many law firms that are afraid of taking on cases like injury to the elderly or solicitation of a minor for sex. Yet these charges are laid against innocent people the same way that an aggravated assault charge could be made against an innocent person. But for many law firms, charges that look bad on their own can be enough to scare them off. When you’re facing a potentially life-altering conviction, you need to know that you have an attorney that is willing and able to fight with you every step of the way to prove your innocence or have your charges reduced.

As an American, you’re entitled to the same level of care and attention from your legal representation as the next person does. That’s why you need to work with a firm like Wilder Law Firm. We aren’t afraid of what you can throw at us, we consider every case as a chance to fight for our clients.

Wilder Law Firm

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Wilder Law Firm
5600 Tennyson Parkway
Suite #290
Plano, TX 75024
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