What does Larceny mean?

Larceny is a nonviolent crime which can be considered a misdemeanor or a felony. It is illegal in every state, but state laws will define the monetary levels of property involved to make it either a misdemeanor or felony charge. For example, there may be a minimum amount of around $500 for the charge to be upgraded to grand larceny. If the amount stolen is less than the allowed amount it is considered petty larceny and the fines are much less. Fines and penalties for both petty larceny and grand larceny can include jail time, replacement of the stolen item or paying money for the stolen item.

Larceny can also focus on the method of committing the crime. For instance, if your watch is stolen, this is considered theft. If the act is committed under false pretenses, for instance your car is stolen and sold, this can be considered larceny. Additionally, if you give someone something to sell and they sell it, but keep the proceeds from the sell, this can be considered larceny.

If you have been charged with larceny you should talk to a criminal lawyer who can determine the actual value of the property and who really owned it at the time of its transfer from someone else to you.

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