What does Misdiagnosis mean?

A misdiagnosis occurs if a medical professional, such as a doctor, misidentifies a patient's medical condition. Misdiagnosis is a common claim for medical malpractice, but not all rise to this level.

For instance, for the misdiagnosis to be negligent, which is defined as a medical professional's failure to exact the degree of care, skill, and prudence that a reasonable medical professional would have provided in a similar situation, the claimant must prove not only that the doctor was negligent but their negligence led to loss or injury to the patient. If a doctor misdiagnosed your condition but you were not injured, you do not have an injury case.

Consider all medical malpractice cases must be filed within a specific statute of limitations. Failure to file an injury claim within the specified time period eliminates your right to compensation for your misdiagnosis injury.

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