What does Expungement mean?

Expungement is the process of getting a DUI conviction erased or eliminated from a driver's driving record. Whether or not an expungement is allowed after DUI depends on the laws of the state where a driver is convicted. Some states will only allow an expungement for DUI if there is not a DUI conviction, other states will not allow a DUI expungement at all and others will allow an expungement only under certain conditions.

Unfortunately, a DUI conviction can have very serious consequences. Many drivers find that even after they have paid all the fees and fines, attended the classes, and served their sentencing requirements they may suffer long-term consequences of a DUI conviction. For instance, a DUI conviction may make it more difficult to get a job, obtain credit, purchase a gun, and get a student loan.

Some states which allow expungement will not necessarily erase the arrest and conviction records but may allow a driver's records to be sealed so it can only be viewed by court officials and other law enforcement officers. This type of expungement will eliminate the risk that employers, landlords or other individuals will have access to a driver's criminal DUI record.

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