Five month waiting period

What does Five month waiting period mean?

SSDI claimants are subject to a five month waiting period before the SSA will begin paying them benefits. If you are approved for SSDI benefits the SSA will withhold the first five months of payments. The five month waiting period starts on the date the SSA determines your disability started (also known as your established onset date (EOD)). Consider, the EOD date can be no more than 17 months before the SSDI application date.

Why does the SSA have a five month waiting period for SSDI benefits? The goal of the five month waiting period is to ensure that disability benefits are not paid to individuals who do not have a long-term disability. Benefits will start with the sixth full month after the date your disability began. You are not entitled to benefits for any month in the five month waiting period.

Requests for expedited reinstatements are not subject to the five month waiting period and SSI recipients are also not subject to the five month waiting period. Contact the SSA if you have questions about the waiting period.

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